Saturday, November 29, 2008

Blog #9-FInal Blog

My favorite read so far was A Streetcar Named Desire. I liked the format of the piece in that is was a play, so it got right to the point. There weren't 2 chapters explaining the scene or how the characters were feeling. I also enjoyed analyzing each character, becuase there were things that I did not notice when I was reading by myself that were discussed in class. If I had one book to throw out, it would be Atonement. Although I really enjoyed the book (and the movie) I feel that there wasn't much to discuss other than the fact that the book was Briony's 'Atonement'. I felt that that was what we talked about everyday, and it got a little old. Overall, I really enjoyed this course. I especially liked how poetry was sprinkled in between reading, becuase I am not a fan of poetry, so having them spread out gave me a little breathing room!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Blog #8 The Watchmen

First of all, I think that the author's metaphor of losing his virginity to a comic book is a little awkward. I did not feel that way at all before I read the book. It was simply another book to read. I had never read a comic book before, but I think that he went a little over the top at describing how he felt before he read it. I was excited to read something different, but not nervous, and I was definitly not pretending it was a "lover" of mine. weird!

However, I do agree with some specific things that he said when describing the book. For instance, when rorschach is looking through The COmedians house, even though there are no words to describe what is going on, you can almost hear him going through the closet, trying not to make a sound. Things like that really get the reader involved. I also was excited to keep on reading, for I felt that the more I read, the more the characters became real, and it was almost as if I was one of them. Very interesting. I am very excited for the movie to come out, and see how it compares to the comic!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Blog #7

I feel that Briony has attempted to reach atonement by writing her book. In this way, she is righting her wrong, by giving Cecila and Robbie their happy ending that they deserved. Furthermore, she is confessing that she made a horrible mistake and is revealing who really raped Lola. I do not feel that this is atonement for Robbie and Cecila, however, becuase they were not alive to witness Briony's confession. It was more of an attonment to make Briony feel better about what she did personally. I do feel bad for her because it was not soley her fault. For instance, I think that both Cecila and Robbie could have done a little more to defend themselves. Also, I think that Lola knew who raped her, and she let Robbie take the blame for Paul Marshall, so she did not have to tell the truth. Marshall, too, is a fault because he was the actual rapist

I think that when Lola married Marshall, she was righting her wrong. I think that by marrying him, she was justifying the rape. In her mind, it set the record straight, even if that is not how we precieve it.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Blog #6- Free topic

The story I have enjoyed reading thus far is Snow. Even though it seemed like a very random story, and did not have much of an ending, I really enjoyed disecting it in our class discussion. I did not see a point in the story, but after further discussion, I realized that maybe that was the point; to make up your own ending. It was also an easy to follow story, which was a nice break from stories such as the Indian Uprising! The characters in Snow were fun, and there were things in the story that I would not have caught if I just read it alone once.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Blog #5

It was a dark night, one of many these past few months. I awoke without feeling once again. My duties called and I had to go through the motions. People kept telling me it is what she would have wanted me to do. I put on my uniform. Was it a uniform that stood for a license to kill? That was what it seemed to be lately. As I step through the doors I find I can only label myself as a murderer. For that is what I felt like every since it happened. People said it wasn’t my fault, but her life was in my hands. She trusted me and I betrayed her. She was vulnerable and with a weapon in my hand I destroyed her whole existence, and mine as well. There is no point for me to be here. Why would someone want me to be here when all I can do is harm. The light does not shine as bright as it once did and all the voices are muffled. The man I go to see every day stares too hard. He says he understands but I know they want me to see him because they need to make sure I won’t kill someone again. And yet, they still keep me here, without feeling.

Ok so I tried my best! I know it is depressing…but if you don’t know, I am portraying some kind of doctor that has guilt about “killing” someone she cared about (sister, mom, friend) during an operation and she feels forever guilty about it…and well, now I think the doctor is insane… there it is! J

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Blog #4

For this blog, I am choosing the song "Thriller" by Michael Jackson to describe the boy in the Man From Mars. I chose this song becuase, to Christina, he is kind of a thriller. He waits for her to finish class, and then will follow closely behind, like he is 'lurking in the dark' and he will just show up at her house, and give her random phone calls. Even though he is not 'evil,' he still is very mysterious, and an unknown creature to Chrintina. He makes her life more exciting in a way, and it gives her a thrill. I feel that this song really kind of describes how Christina precieves him. Attached is a youtube link of the Thriller video.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Blog #3 Blanche characters

Personally, I like the second character that portrays Blanche mainly because of her body gestures. For instance, when she talks, she always has her hands holding a piece of her dress to her chest. This, to me, does not show self confidence, and it acts as a security blanket for her. Her body position also follows Tennessee William's quote of women who are "frightened of life". It seems like she is constantly frightened. Also, the way she dresses compared to the first character is better portrayed. In the play, Blanche is described as someone who is very concerened about her self image. In the first video, she has an older women's fashion, however in the second video, it is very young and elegant looking. I also liked her character better just because she seemed a little more spunky than the first.